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Must-read. Valuable. Impactful.

That's how business owners are describing Exit & Answers, John Ovrom's must-read book that will help you define your win, navigate your business exit like an expert, and transition with confidence.


In Exit & Answers, Exit Consulting Group Founder John Ovrom shares his expertise and the richness of his first-hand experience based on working with hundreds of business owners over the past 15 years. He explores and provides insights on all of the things he wishes that he had known before he sold his first business. This book dives into the buying and selling process, both to external buyers as well as to family, key employees, and business partners. Highlighting common pitfalls businesses succumb to and opportunities for businesses to implement value drivers, the book outlines how to attract multiple qualified buyers to your door.

Exit & Answers goes beyond the one-dimensional approach of a business broker, delving into the various stages of the selling process. This includes the groundwork done before going to market, from financials and operations, to tax implications and negotiations, which define the long-term success of any business transition as well as transitioning the business to the new owners.

Focusing on what makes buyers tick, Exit & Answers highlights the three different types of buyers, risks that makes prospects get cold feet, and how to position your business to make a splash on the market. Encompassing even what comes after the sale, this book is your complete guide to understanding the entire process of selling or exiting your business.

What People are saying

Bill Wilson

CEO, Wilson Creek Winery

"Exit & Answers is a must-read book filled with valuable information about how to successfully manage your business exit – whether that means an inside or external sale or other transition to position your company for future success.”

Joe Isom

Former Owner/President, California Sheet Metal

"Anyone who is in business will benefit from reading Exit & Answers. This book is written by an expert who’s been there, working through exits for his own businesses. John Ovrom outlines key steps to a successful transition for your business and answers all of the questions that you might have been afraid to ask.”

Lars Herman

Former President, Herman Construction

“If you’re considering an exit for your company, Exit & Answers is the book to read. John Ovrom and his team at Exit Consulting Group are experts in successful exit and sell strategies, proven in action by their work with us to sell our company in a win-win deal to a billion-dollar corporation.”

Brian Willoughby

Willoughby & Associates, PC

"Minimizing the tax impact of a business exit is some of the most important strategic planning that any business owner can do. Exit & Answers will help you better navigate this complicated planning with the help of professionals.”


John Ovrom is the President and Founder of Exit Consulting Group, Inc., a company dedicated to developing roadmaps for business owners anticipating exiting or selling their businesses. He has more than three decades of hands-on experience building, growing and selling S-Corp, C-Corp and LLC businesses. John uses his personal business experience, transaction experience and never-quit attitude to help owners get their wins.

“The first thing to know about exiting your business is that there is no one right way. Each business owner is unique, so each exit requires its own strategy. Business owners within the same industry take very different exit paths. It’s all about owner, business and market readiness; and it begins with defining your win. Only then can you envision, pursue – achieve – your ideal exit.” – John Ovrom

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Insight and inspiration from someone who's been there

Exit & Answers: Navigate Your Business Exit Like An Expert makes a great resource for business owners and partners, financial advisors, service providers, their clients, and anyone who advises others about or is interested in the process of exiting or selling a business.

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